Tina Fey, Abigail Spencer, Jane Fonda, and Kathryn Hahn at the LA premiere ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ on September 15, 2014.

Tina Fey, Abigail Spencer, Jane Fonda, and Kathryn Hahn at the LA premiere ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ on September 15, 2014.

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#QUEENS. #absolute queens. #abigail looks so perfect tho.


...and I whispered deep inside her ear, ‘You fucking bitch.”

New Gone Girl poster (x)

New Gone Girl poster (x)

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u ever flirt w someone purely out of fun and then ur like omg i kinda meant that!?

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It’s sad at how (despite how long I have roleplayed for), I can never get used to losing a friend after they or myself leave a group. It’s hard to stay in contact but I try to make an effort because I truly believe that a friendship that’s made online is a lot more worthwhile than some friendships that are made in real life. I know there are a lot of lies along the way and things that people don’t tell you but that’s apart of learning and we’re human beings and our job is to learn, live and laugh. 

So why can’t I miss those people who I once talked to for 12 hours a day, video called twice a week, text messaged whenever I could? It seems ridiculous that people chastise me for having stayed in contact with them as if I should follow suit and shun them as they have. I’m sorry but some of us have a heart and don’t let go of friendships so easily. 

And now I’ll go back to being incredibly emotional over the fact that in the past year; I have lost contact with two of my closest friends and that’s something that is rather hard for me to deal with. 

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behind the mun meme: rp facts edition! ✫


  • name
  • age (if you’re comfortable!): 
  • how old were you when you first started rp-ing?
    cringe. i was 14. how odd.
  • height: 
    munchkin size. i don’t measure.
  • ocs or canons?: 
    canons but then also ocs, ugh. no. bye.
  • prefer to play females or males?
    a healthy mixture of both but i think i’m better at playing males than females.
  • favorite face claim to play: 
    caroline dhavernas, abigail spencer, darren criss, aaron paul 
  • least favorite face claim: 
    who don’t i hate is the better question lbr
  • worst rp experience ever
    my first tumblr group rp i was neglected and picked on in skype conversations and when they noticed i was there, the messages instantly disappeared. then (because apparently after me leaving didn’t give them enough satisfaction) someone pretend to be me and made me out to be the worst person which broke my heart. i wasn’t even 17 yet. it was messed up.
  • fluff, angst, or smut?
  • most overused fc
    overused in rps nowadays is still ariana grande and all that
  • first character you ever made:
    i can’t even remember.
  • worst character you’ve ever played
  • favorite type of plot
    anything but hollywood and high school and yes. high school mostly because i hate it enough already.
  • at what time of day is your writing the best?
  • are you anything like your muse?
    i’m like lip. too much like lip tbh.
  • worst thing about rp (in general)
    the out of character crap, rude admins, there’s a lot of stuff.
  • to end on a good note — best thing about rp?
    the sweet ass bitches who i get to meet and the experience i get to get with writing and life
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Ellen Bass, “The Thing Is”


Ellen Bass, “The Thing Is”

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#ship: blip

if you ever wanna ship with me just come to my ask and be like “listen dick face we bout to fuck shit up with a ship ok.”

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#i ship too easily and then i am like 'oh no my ship' and i sing dido's white flag